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How we connect your driving to nature

By Faith Sayo, 5th March 2024

Category: Environment

At The Green Insurer, we are passionate about helping you on your journey towards sustainable driving. Our insurance policies offer more than protection; they provide tangible ways to minimise your environmental footprint and contribute to sustainable travel.

With a policy from The Green Insurer, you are not only reducing carbon emissions, you are also helping restore nature. This is achieved through our partnership with Earthly. Earthly specialises in helping responsible companies invest in high-quality, nature-based solutions designed to address critical environmental issues. These solutions go beyond traditional carbon-removal by also actively contributing to biodiversity restoration and improving local livelihoods.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to protect nature and restore balance to the planet.

Why Nature-based Solutions (NbS)?

While driving less and embracing efficiency are crucial aspects of reducing our carbon footprint, they will not remove a carbon footprint entirely. Until zero-emission cars are available to us all, an element of offsetting is essential in the meantime.

Through Earthly, we will offer our policyholders an opportunity to contribute directly to impactful nature-based solutions.

We have the opportunity to support a wide range of nature-based solutions that offer numerous benefits. Your offsetting contributions will directly support projects that:

  • Have holistic environmental impact: Traditional carbon offsetting measures often focus solely on reducing carbon emissions. However, NbS go beyond this by actively contributing to biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration, and sustainable land use. By choosing NbS, we are investing in initiatives that create a comprehensive and positive environmental footprint.
  • Enhance carbon removal: Earthly supports different projects such as restoring wetlands, protecting endangered ecosystems, and improving soil health. These projects offer a more potent and diverse approach to capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Biodiversity boost: Earthly's projects focus on restoring and protecting natural habitats, which is crucial for safeguarding biodiversity. This ensures the long-term health of ecosystems and the countless species that rely on them.
  • Educational and awareness value: By incorporating nature-based solutions into our sustainability efforts, we aim to engage and inform our community about the broader environmental issues we collectively face. This educational aspect is crucial for fostering a sense of responsibility and inspiring widespread environmental consciousness.
  • Resilience against climate change: By restoring and preserving natural ecosystems, NbS initiatives contribute to climate resilience by enhancing the adaptability of landscapes and communities.
  • Community impact: Earthly's projects prioritise the well-being of local communities. They create jobs, support sustainable livelihoods, and empower people to become stewards of their environment.

Through this partnership, we're not just offering you a way to offset your carbon footprint; we're giving you the power to invest in a healthier planet, thriving ecosystems, and empowered communities. We believe that nature-based solutions are the key to a more sustainable future, and we're excited to embark on this journey with you.

How the partnership works

When you purchase your car insurance with us, we encourage you to download The Green Insurer app to maximise your experience. As you navigate the roads, the app collects data and updates your Green Driving Score by calculating your carbon emissions in real-time.

As you drive, you earn Leaves – reward points based on your driving score and the miles you've covered. Excitingly, you can spend these Leaves through our exclusive rewards portal, treating yourself to freebies and discounts from popular sustainable brands.

The app also empowers you to monitor your individual carbon offsetting efforts, showcasing both your personal impact and the collective contribution of all users.

Every 14 days, your mileage, Green Driving Score, and car details are utilised to calculate your carbon emissions. These emissions are then offset through investments in high-quality projects in collaboration with Earthly, supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and furthering your positive environmental impact.

Learn more

By choosing The Green Insurer, you're not just securing your vehicle; you're actively participating in a movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Keep your eye on our blog for a closer look at the exciting nature-based projects that The Green Insurer customers will be contributing to help flourish.

About the author

This blog post was created by Faith Sayo from Earthly, The Green Insurer's partnership with Earthly allows us to invest in sustainable projects that not only to offset your carbon, but also that they contribute to the local communities in which they take place.