Drive greener, offset carbon, earn rewards

Insure your vehicle with The Green Insurer to offset your carbon emissions and earn rewards for your green driving.

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Offset carbon emissions with The Green Insurer.

Green motor insurance

Our mission is to help you reduce your impact on the environment.

Our green motor Insurance incentivises and rewards you to drive more efficiently and cut down on your miles.

So, how does green motor insurance work?

  1. 1. Buy your green motor insurance

    Click on the “Get a quote” button, then enter your details and buy your policy.

  2. 2. Download the app

    The Green Insurer app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

  3. 3. Take your phone with you

    As you drive, the app collects data and calculates your carbon emissions and immediately updates your Green driving score.

    Whilst we make every effort to calculate your carbon emissions accurately, it is always possible that your actual emissions may be different.

  1. 4. Collect Leaves

    You earn Leaves, which are our reward points based on your driving score and number of miles you’ve driven.

  2. 5. Spend your Leaves

    Our exclusive rewards portal gives you freebies and discounts from some leading sustainable brands. You can exchange your Leaves for eGift cards for some of your favourite retailers.

  3. 6. View carbon

    As well as keeping track of your green driving score, you can see how much carbon has been offset by you and by all our customers.

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Green car insurance

The Green Insurer offers green car insurance to you whether you drive an electric car, a hybrid, a petrol or a diesel one.

What makes it green is that we offset your miles to absorb the carbon emitted when you drive and reward you for driving in a fuel-efficient way or for driving fewer miles than anticipated. If you insure an electric car with us, we will offset 1/10th of the additional CO2 emitted to make your electric car each year you are insured with us. So, if you stay with us for 10 years, we will have offset not only the emissions from your driving, but also the additional emissions from manufacturing your car compared with the emissions from making a traditional combustion engine car.

Green car insurance What makes us green

Green van insurance

Just like our car insurance, The Green Insurer offers green van insurance to petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vans.

We offer van insurance that covers local haulage/courier, carriage of own goods (including commuting) and social, domestic and pleasure use. All policy types allow you to earn rewards for greener driving.

Green van insurance What makes us green

Carbon offsets

Every 14-days we use your mileage, green driving score and your vehicle details to calculate how much carbon has been produced.

We then offset this carbon with our friends at Earthly, by investing in high-quality projects that also contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

More about carbon offsets

Rewarding greener drivers

Our exclusive rewards portal is packed with discounts, offers and freebies.

We select as many brands as we can who have a similar ethos to us.

You can use your Leaves to buy eGift cards.

Our rewards How you earn Leaves

The Green Insurer app

The app shows your green driving score and how much carbon you've offset from the atmosphere. You can also see the projects we've used to offset this carbon.

You can manage your green motor Insurance policy via the app and access your documents.

You can also access your exclusive rewards portal to redeem your Leaves or to get discounts.

About The Green Insurer app

Green driving score

Your green driving score is used to calculate your carbon emissions and rewards leaves.

Using acceleration, braking, cornering, mobile phone use and speed to measure how green (fuel efficiently) you’re driving.

The number of miles is also relevant as you’ll earn reward Leaves for driving fewer miles than anticipated.

How your score's calculated

See how much you could save with solar

Advances in technology have made solar much more accessible and cost-effective in recent years.

Choosing solar energy makes both financial and environmental sense for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and power their home sustainably.

Customers of The Green Insurer can earn £200 in Leaves when buying solar products from Effective Home*:

You can exchange your Leaves for eGift cards, or you can cash in your Leaves and use them to get money off:

  • Next years insurance policy with The Green Insurer.

  • Insuring a new car or van with The Green Insurer.

  • Making a change to your current insurance policy.

*This offer is only for existing customers of The Green Insurer.

Learn more about solar products

Careers at The Green Insurer

To view our current vacancies, please visit our careers page.

If there isn’t a role available for you, please email your CV to and stating what type of role you’re interested in.

We’ll keep your information on file for 12 months.

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