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How we offset carbon for electric vehicles

By Paul Baxter
18th September 2023

Carbon offset for electric cars

We have created a car insurance policy that offsets the carbon emissions that you produce when driving.

We appreciate that electric car drivers have already taken a big step to reduce their impact on the planet. A 2021 study by The International Council on Clean Transport shows that emissions from electric cars in Europe are 66-69% lower over their lifetime, including manufacture, than comparable combustion engine cars.

We calculate that on average it takes an additional 3.5 tonnes to manufacture an electric car, compared to a combustion engine car. When calculating the CO2 emissions for electric cars, we include offsetting this over a 10 year period.

We do this to help our electric car owning customers to continue to contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.

We also calculate the CO2 created from generating the electricity required to charge your car, using an average for the UK and offset this as well.

So, how does it work?

  1. 1. Buy your car insurance

    Click on the “Get a quote” button, then enter your details and buy your policy.

  2. 2. Download the app

    The Green Insurer app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

  3. 3. Take your phone with you

    As you drive, the app collects data and calculates your carbon emissions and immediately updates your Green Driving Score.

    Whilst we make every effort to calculate your carbon emissions accurately, it is always possible that you actual emissions may be different.

  1. 4. Collect Leaves

    You earn Leaves, which are our reward points based on your driving score and number of miles you’ve driven.

  2. 5. Spend your Leaves

    Our exclusive rewards portal gives you freebies and discounts from some leading sustainable brands. You can exchange your Leaves for eGift cards for some of your favourite retailers.

  3. 6. View carbon

    As well as keeping track of your green driving score, you can see how much carbon has been offset by you and by all our customers.

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