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Introducing a Green Partnership that brings savings to our customers

By Paul Baxter, 28th June 2024

This week we announced an exciting new partnership with Effective Home, a leading provider of solar panel products and battery solutions. This collaboration offers a significant benefit to The Green Insurer’s car insurance policyholders, allowing them to earn £200 in reward points when they purchase solar panels from Effective Home through The Green Insurer’s website.

Recent research that we conducted highlights that 17% of Brits are planning to install solar panels to reduce their carbon emissions. Installing solar panels is not only an eco-friendly choice but also a financially smart one. Households that generate their own solar energy can save between £520 and £630 annually on their electricity bills, with potential further savings through battery storage solutions.

Our Leaves reward scheme offers our policyholders points based on their driving score and mileage. By purchasing solar panels from Effective Home, customers can earn £200 in Leaves reward points that can be redeemed for car insurance premium reductions at renewal or exchanged for eGift vouchers usable at major supermarkets like ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Iceland, and Morrisons, as well as other retailers.

We hope that by partnering with companies such as Effective Home, which shares our commitment to offer eco-conscious consumers green alternatives to reduce their personal carbon emissions, we can together help people save money and reduce their personal carbon footprint.