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Missing trips

By Paul Baxter, 19th September 2023

Category: app

If you have taken a trip in your car and it is missing from the app, it is most likely due to the trip not being uploaded to our system or to your phone not recording the trip.

Trip not uploaded

All trips are recorded on your phone and then transferred to our system before they appear on the app.

If you do not have any mobile network reception on your phone the trip may not have uploaded. Once you reach a place where you have mobile phone reception or are connected to Wi-Fi, the trip should upload automatically.

There is also a setting for you to choose to upload trips using Wi-Fi only to save mobile data usage. This can be found on the settings page of the app (the cog in the top left corner). You can then choose “Off” or “On” for Upload trip data using Wi-Fi only.

Trip not recorded on your phone

There are several reasons why your phone may not have recorded the trip:

  • Power off. Trips are only recorded when your phone is switched on. You do not need to open the app though.
    Solution: Turn your phone on.
  • Low power. Trips are not recorded if the phone’s battery is too low (normally below 10%).
    Solution: Charge the battery on your phone
  • Power save mode enabled. Power Save or Low Power mode can prevent your app from being allowed to work.
    Solution: Turn off Power Save or Low Power mode.
    On Apple devices this is in Settings > Battery.
    On Android devices you can find it in Settings > Battery and Device Care > Battery.
  • Location is disabled. We need this to measure journeys.
    Solution: Turn location services on.
    On Apple devices this is in Settings > select The Green Insurer app > Always and select Precise Location if you have the option for this.
    On Android devices you can find it in Settings > Apps > select The Green Insurer app > Permissions > Allow all the time and select Precise Location
  • Bluetooth not turned on (Android only). Having bluetooth turned on for Android phones increases the frequency with which Android phones scan. This helps your phone to identify the start of a trip sooner. Without this, it may even miss shorter trips altogether:
    Solution: Turn bluetooth on.
    On Android devices you can find it in Settings > Connections then turn Bluetooth on.
  • Phone error. There may be an issue with the phone, such as the GPS, accelerometer or gyroscope.
    Solution: Try turning your phone off and then on again.

Need help?

If you need help with this or any other issue, you can contact us using our Live Chat, or by calling: 01727 222 777.