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Motorists tempted to drive without insurance

By Craig Perry
28th November 2023

UK motorists tempted to drive without motor insurance because of the rising cost of policies

  • Drivers risk fixed penalties of £300 and six points on their licences if they break the law [1].
  • New analysis[2] reveals that the average car insurance premium quote has increased by 61% in the past year.
  • A significant 7% of drivers [or more than three million if extrapolated] aged 18 and over admit to having driven an uninsured vehicle due to the high cost of policy premiums within the past 12 months.

Soaring motor policy costs are encouraging millions of UK drivers to break the law and take uninsured vehicles out on the road. Around 7% of drivers aged 18 and over admit to having driven without insurance, finds new research[3] from The Green Insurer, which is focused on helping drivers reduce carbon emissions and drive in a more environmentally friendly way.

The findings are released against a backdrop of rising insurance premiums. Analysis[2] from Consumer Intelligence for The Green Insurer reveals that the average car insurance premium has increased by on average 22% over the past three months, and 61% from a year ago.

Of those drivers who have driven uninsured vehicles, a third (33%) say it was not the first time that they had done so. Male motorists (9%) are almost twice as likely to have driven vehicles without being insured than female drivers (5%), and younger drivers (30%) are more likely to have driven uninsured vehicles than those in any other age group.

When asked if they would be likely to drive without insurance in the next 12 months as a result of rising premiums, 6% of all drivers said that they would, rising to 16% of younger motorists aged 18-24. Less experienced younger drivers are regularly offered higher insurance premiums compared to older motorists, especially those with a track record of safe driving.

Penalties for driving without insurance can include fines of £300 and six points on offenders’ licences, according to government guidelines[1]. If a case goes to court, motorists could face unlimited costs - and have their vehicle seized, and possibly destroyed, by the police.

Paul Baxter, CEO, The Green Insurer, said: It’s perhaps understandable that motorists are suffering from the cost of living crisis, so want to cut outgoings, but we would never recommend driving without insurance. Not only are uninsured motorists risking fines and the loss of their vehicles, but they will be unable to turn to an insurer for help in the event of an accident with another party.

The policies we are offering can make a big difference to motorists by helping to reduce premiums as a result of their more careful driving habits, which will also lead to lower fuel costs and carbon emissions.


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