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Prioritising the planet – shopping green in the UK

By Paul Baxter, 10th May 2024

Category: Environment

Did you know that nearly three in four UK adults are striving to shop in an environmentally conscious way? According to our new research it's clear that more and more of us are making conscious choices to reduce our carbon footprint.

But there is a drawback - while 72% of Brits are trying to shop green, the high cost of eco-friendly products is a major roadblock for three in five consumers. Other reasons given by respondents include a lack of choice in green products where they shopped (30%); the perceived poor quality of eco-conscious goods (15%); and a lack of knowledge as to where to find environmentally friendly alternatives (10%).

However, despite these challenges, a determined 18% of shoppers remain steadfast in shopping green, saying that nothing stops them from opting for the product that they believe to be best for the environment.

Age appears to play a significant role in this eco-conscious shift. The younger generation is leading the charge, with 43% of 18-24 year olds consistently opting for the most environmentally friendly products. This compares to just 23% of those aged 55 and over.

Beyond shopping habits, Brits are taking various other actions to reduce their carbon emissions. From cutting down on home heating time to embracing renewable energy solutions like solar panels, it's clear that as a nation we’re committed to making a positive impact.

Whether it's recycling more diligently, reducing single-use plastics, or supporting local and sustainable products, every eco-friendly choice counts and together we can make a difference.

We hope to keep this momentum going by supporting the growing number of eco-conscious drivers with our car insurance policies designed to reward green habits by encouraging sustainable driving practices and offsetting carbon emissions for every mile driven.