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The Green Insurer is open for business

By Paul Baxter
1st December 2023

The waiting is over, and The Green Insurer is now officially open for business aiming to help drivers reduce their carbon footprint and reward them for green driving.

You can buy our green car insurance policies direct from this website and from leading price comparison websites.

We are the UK’s first green car insurance broker and customers buying our policies will see exactly what that means. Every mile driven by customers will be offset using a range of carbon offset projects which are assessed for their carbon and environmental effectiveness as well as the social impact on the people and communities where they are based.

All policies are linked to a mobile app which monitors how you drive. The data on how you drive and how far you drive is logged in the app and that enables us to calculate your rewards and how much carbon to offset.

Your Green Driving Score in the app will be used to calculate your renewal premium and to offer discounts when you renew. Environmentally conscious driving also means lower fuel costs and being safer in their car.

We offer a rewards scheme called Leaves which will be worth up to £20 a year on average for environmentally conscious drivers and on top of that we have agreed a range of discounts of up to 6% on weekly supermarket shopping through a range of partnerships.

They include major supermarkets, leading retailers such as Boots, Currys PC World, B&Q, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and WH Smith as well as restaurant chains including Pizza Express and transport groups Eurostar and National Express. Other partners include environmentally conscious companies that share our green ethos.

Offsetting carbon is important but we know that price is also important – analysis from Consumer Intelligence shows average quoted premiums are an eye-watering 66.5% higher than a year ago.

We are confident that drivers want to be green – research for our launch shows motorists are increasingly aware of the impact of driving on the environment and are cutting the miles they drive each year in response.

More than half (53%) of drivers questioned are more aware of the impact on the environment than they were a year ago, while 69% are more aware of the impact than they were three years ago. Around 28% say they plan to drive fewer miles in the next 12 months. More than six out of 10 (61%) say they’re cutting back on the miles they drive to help the environment while 76% say they are doing so because of the cost of living.

The reaction from insurers has been extremely positive as we are focused on attracting customers who are concerned about the environment and rewarding them for driving in an environmentally responsible way.

And don’t worry all customer inquiries will be dealt with by humans based in the UK rather than chatbots or overseas call centres. We look forward to talking.