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Trip allocation

By Paul Baxter
10th November 2023

When you take a trip in your car, we allocate the trip to one of the drivers who is insured to drive the car. Where there is only one person (and their phone) in the car, this is easy, as we know that this person must have been the driver. However, where there is more than one insured person in the car, both with their phones, then we have to choose the driver. This is done using some smart technology called Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. This takes information about the trip such as time of day, where you were driving and how you were driving to allocate the trip to the most likely driver. It also calculates how certain (or confident) it is that the decision made by the AI is correct. If it is more than 80% confident, then we allocate the trip to that driver.

It takes the Machine Learning about 120 – 200 miles to work out the characteristics of each driver. Until this point, the journey is allocated to the person whose journey first arrives in our system. That person can then change it in their app to say that they weren’t driving and we then allocate the trip to the other driver. This is also what happens if our AI is less than 80% confident in its decision.

There is always a chance that a journey is allocated to you if you are in a different car or other type of transport. If this happens, you can then tell us you weren’t driving in the app (How to tell us you weren’t driving)

This technology uses the information you give us to say when you were or weren’t driving in the first 120 – 200 miles. It then creates a profile for you and uses this to recognise when you are driving. So please do reallocate trips when we get it wrong, especially in the early days of your policy.

We’re always here to answer any questions you have using our Live Chat or by calling: 01727 222 777.