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What makes us green

By Paul Baxter, 10th November 2023

Category: The Green Insurer

We feel that it is only right that we justify to you why we feel confident in making the claim the be The Green Insurer. Greenwashing, which is where companies give false or misleading information about their environmental performance, is a big issue and we want to reassure you that we are genuinely doing what we say.

  • We offset your miles to absorb the carbon emitted when you drive.
  • We reward our customers for driving in a fuel-efficient way or for driving fewer miles than anticipated.
  • We aim to offer some rewards from green companies to enable you to spend your Leaves on things that are good for our planet. Although not all rewards are green, we have done our best to give you some really good environmental options. So, why not use them to travel by coach, buy pre-worn cloths or to support companies like The White Company, Fat Face, Body Shop and more who have earned the distinction of being accredited by B Corp? Some of our rewards are there to help you make your everyday spend more affordable, as we know that this is important for many people just now. So, we also have discount offers at many leading supermarkets, even if some of these may not score so highly on their environmental performance.
  • We encourage you to receive your insurance documents via our customer portal. This saves us from using paper and postage, both of which have an environmental impact. If customers want paper documents, then we send these on recycled paper.
  • We don’t have an office. All our people work from home. This saves the carbon cost that an office itself has in addition to the pollution from making our people commute to work.
  • All our people sign our Green Policy before they can work for us. This commits us to constantly finding new ways to be better custodians of our planet and to never fly on business in UK, for example.
  • When repairing customers’ cars following an accident, we use green parts wherever possible. These parts are recycled from other cars which have been written off and come with a guarantee. This significantly reduces the carbon cost of these parts and reduces waste.
  • We buy refurbished computer equipment for our staff whenever possible. This reduces electronic waste going to landfill and avoids the carbon cost of manufacturing the equipment.
  • We are pending B-Corp and will be applying for full certification once eligible.

If you have any ideas about how we can make The Green Insurer greener, we’d love to hear from you ideas@thegreeninsurer.com.