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Boggled by eco-jargon

By Paul Baxter, 29th May 2024

Category: Environment

New research highlights a significant gap in the public’s understanding of eco-jargon, with fewer than one in five Brits (17%) claiming to have a clear understanding of what carbon offsetting is and how it is measured.

In fact our study reveals that almost a quarter (23%) of Brits do not understand the term “carbon offsetting” at all, while 59% only have a vague idea of what it means and are unclear on how it is measured.

As more organisations strive to enhance their green credentials, these findings highlight the need for businesses to provide clear, relatable information that is accessible to all consumers. This necessity is further supported by the fact that more than four in five Brits (81%) express a desire for clearer “carbon footprint” labelling on products and services, enabling them to make more informed and eco-friendly choices.

At The Green Insurer, we understand the importance of making eco terminology more accessible. Although most people have heard terms like ‘carbon footprint’ or ‘carbon offsetting,’ these concepts are often presented in abstract ways, making it challenging for people to understand their practical implications and the positive impact they can have on the environment.

Our research highlights the strong appetite for greener goods and services, but consumers are seeking transparency about how their purchases are genuinely making a difference. We tried to take this on board with the launch of our green car insurance policies with initiatives such as a customer’s personal Green Driving Score, so that customers are rewarded financially for driving greener, and a promise to offset the carbon emitted for every mile they drive.

With a general election looming, we believe it is particularly pertinent that people understand the eco-jargon used by politicians and other leaders, so to address this, we’ve added an eco-jargon buster to our website to help demystify these terms.