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Be greener. Offset carbon. Earn rewards.

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3 reasons to take our green car insurance

1. You’ll earn rewards for driving greener.

2. We’ll offset the carbon produced.

3. We'll show you how green your driving is.

To allow The Green Insurer to calculate your rewards and carbon offset, you must download The Green Insurer app.

Green car insurance benefits

  • Earn Leaves

    You earn reward points based on your Green Driving Score and the number of miles you’ve driven.

    We call these reward points Leaves.

    You can then exchange your Leaves for eGift cards in our exclusive rewards portal.

  • Exclusive rewards portal

    Our exclusive rewards portal is packed with discounts, offers and freebies.

    We've carefully selected brands that we believe may be of interest to you.

  • The Green Insurer app

    In The Green Insurer app you can see how many Leaves you’ve earned, what projects are used for your carbon offsets and your Green Driving Score.

  • Green Driving Score

    Your Green Driving Score is calculated using acceleration, braking, cornering, mobile phone use and speed to measure how green (fuel efficiently) you’re driving.

    The number of miles driven is also used to calculate your carbon offsets and the number of Leaves you’ll earn for driving fewer miles than anticipated.

  • 100% of your carbon is offset

    We then offset these miles using high-quality independently accredited carbon offset projects.

  • Carbon offset projects
    • Mai Ndombe – Reducing forest and biodiversity loss in Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Keo Seima – Reducing deforestation in Cambodia
    • Rimba Raya – Peatland protection in Borneo
    • Find out more about these projects

Carbon offset green car insurance

With carbon offset car insurance, every mile you drive is offset by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) accredited projects.

We calculate how much carbon is produced by you when you use The Green Insurer app.

Beyond the environmental benefits of our eco-friendly car insurance, carbon conscious insurance also reduces the cost of fuel and maintenance and helps you to drive in a safer way.

More about carbon offsets

Green car insurance with rewards

Our exclusive rewards portal is packed with discounts, offers and freebies.

We select as many brands as we can who have a similar ethos to us.

You can use your Leaves to buy eGift cards.

See what rewards we can offer

Green car insurance cover levels

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of cover. It covers you for damage to your car (including by fire) or if it is stolen.

Comprehensive cover also includes windscreen and glass damage.

You're also covered for claims made against you by other people for injury or damage to their car or property.

Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT)

TPFT car insurance covers you if your car is damaged by fire or stolen, and if other people claim against you for injury or damage to their car or property.


Third-party car insurance covers you for claims made against you for injury or damage to other people’s car or property.

It won’t cover any damage to your car.

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Key benefits Comprehensive TPFT Third-party
Injury to others
Damage to other people’s property
Up to 90 days cover in European Community countries
Driving other cars (only covered for third-party damage or injury)
Cover whilst car is in a/the garage or valet parking
Theft of your car
Fire to your car
Damage to your car
Glass damage
A new car replacement if your car is stolen or written off (for cars less than 1 year old)
Courtesy car during repair
Replace locks if keys are lost or stolen
Medical expenses
Hotel expenses
Alternative transport
Child car seat
Personal Accident cover
Personal belongings
Uninsured driver promise

All cover and benefits may be subject to acceptance criteria, terms and conditions.

Check your quotation and policy documents for confirmation of cover.

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Optional extras with our green auto insurance policies

Breakdown cover

Breakdown insurance gives you up to one hour of breakdown assistance in the event of a fault or failure that prevents you from driving your car.

If the vehicle cannot be repaired in the hour, it will be taken to either a garage or to a destination of your choice depending on your level of cover.

Key benefits Local UK cover
Nationwide assistance
European assistance
Unlimited call outs*
Covers anyone driving your car
Misfuelling cover
Roadside assistance with local recovery
At home assistance
National recovery
European recovery

*Unlimited call outs, up to a combined maximum total cost of £10,000 annually


Motor legal expenses

Motor legal expenses from £22 covers you for up to £100,000 of legal costs in relation to a non-fault motoring incident, for:

  • Uninsured loss recovery

    To recover losses following an accident where someone else is responsible in the UK.

  • Motor prosecution defence

    To defend an alleged motoring offence if you have received a court summons.

  • Motor vehicle consumer disputes

    To pursue compensation following a breach of an agreement relating to the sale, purchase, servicing, repair, testing, hire or hire purchase of the vehicle.

  • Telephone legal helpline

    Advice relating to any private motoring matter.


Guaranteed hire car

We offer two cover levels for guaranteed hire car, the first option is for a hire car based on availability and the second option is for a like for like hire car.

Guaranteed Hire Car gives you a replacement car in UK for up to 14-days while your car is being repaired as part of a claim or if the car is written-off or stolen.

The two levels of cover are:

  • Level 1: Hire of a small car - £15
  • Level 2: Hire of a car similar to your own - £25



Premium Finance fees

We have partnered with Close Premium Finance to provide our customers an affordable option to pay for their insurance.


  • APR rate is 26.6%
  • Interest rate 10.05%
  • Default fees £25
  • Deposit amount 10%
What is no claims discount?

This is a discount insurers give you for the number of years you have been driving as a policyholder without making a claim against your own policy. It is important to remember that if you make any non-glass claim against your own policy, even if the accident was not your fault, this will still be counted as a claim.

What is a claims free driving discount?

Claims free driving only applies when no claims discount isn't available.

Some insurers may give you a discount if you have been driving for a number of years without a claim, but it’s not been under your own insurance policy. For instance, you may have been a named driver on someone else’s car insurance policy, or been driving a company car. You will need to supply proof of this to get the discount.

What is an excess?

If you have a claim under your car insurance policy this is the amount you will have to pay towards the overall cost. The amount may be different depending on the claim - for instance the amount you have to pay for accidental damage may be different from what you pay towards a claim where the is only glass damage. Your insurer will set the excess level, which is the lowest amount you can agree to, but you can choose to apply an additional voluntary excess to reduce your premium.

Can I drive other cars under my policy?

This can vary from car insurance policy to policy, so please check very carefully before relying on this cover - it will be shown on your car insurance certificate. The “driving other cars” cover that applies to some policies is designed if you need to drive another car in an emergency. It doesn’t cover any damage or loss to the vehicle you are driving.

Driving other cars cover only applies to the policyholder and not any named drivers.

What are green parts?

Undamaged parts that have been safely removed from another car to be recycled and fitted to another car when being repaired are referred to as green parts. At The Green Insurer we are keen to use green parts wherever possible, and by taking out a car insurance policy with us you are agreeing them being used where available. We like Green Parts because they avoid the carbon costs of making a new part and reduce wastage generated by disposing of undamaged parts. Wherever green parts are used by one of our insurers they are guaranteed for as long as you own the car, excluding general wear and tear.

What happens when the policy ends?

Once your policy has ended, you will have access to your account via The Green Insurer app and portal for thirty days, it can take up to 24 hours from the policy ending before the app stops recording trips.

What if I go over my miles?

If it looks like you are going to over-exceed your milage you’ll be sent a warning message which will allow you to make an adjustment to increase the mileage on your policy so that you don’t void your car insurance policy.

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