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Term Explanation
APR (Annual Percentage Rate) The annual rate charged for borrowing that is displayed as a percentage. It includes any fees or additional costs.
Breakdown cover Insurance that provides assistance if your vehicle breaks down. This typically includes services like roadside assistance/repairs or recovery.
Carbon offset projects Initiatives designed to balance out CO2 emissions by investing in activities that reduce or absorb carbon. These can include reforestation, renewable energy projects, and energy efficiency improvements. Our projects are carefully selected to make a real difference.
Claims free driving discount Claims free driving discounts only applies when no claims discount isn't available.
Some insurers may give you a discount if you have been driving for a number of years without a claim, but it’s not been under your own insurance policy. For instance, you may have been a named driver on someone else’s car insurance policy, or been driving a company car. You will need to supply proof of this to get the discount.
European recovery Similar to national recovery but extends the service to cover breakdowns that occur in European countries.
Green Driving Score Your green driving score is used to calculate your carbon emissions and rewards leaves. Using acceleration, braking, cornering, mobile phone use and speed to measure how green (fuel efficiently) you’re driving. The number of miles is also relevant as you’ll earn reward lLeaves for driving fewer miles than anticipated.
Glass only claims Claims specifically for damage to only your vehicle's glass, such as windscreen or window damage.
Interest rate The percentage charged on the total amount of borrowed over a specific period of time.
IPID (Insurance Product Information Document) Document that provides key information about an insurance product, making it easier to understand and compare.
Misfuelling cover Insurance that covers the cost of draining and cleaning your fuel tank if you accidentally fill it with the wrong type of fuel. It does not cover any damage to your engine.
Mobile app An application for smartphones that provides access to various services and information related to your insurance policy.
Motor legal expenses Insurance that covers legal costs associated with motoring incidents.
Motor prosecution defence Legal defence costs coverage if you have received a court summons.
Motor vehicle consumer disputes Legal assistance to pursue compensation following a breach of an agreement relating to the sale, purchase, servicing, repair, testing, hire or hire purchase of the vehicle.
National recovery A service that ensures your vehicle is towed to any destination within the UK if it cannot be repaired at the roadside.
Premium Finance fees Charges associated with spreading the cost of your insurance premium over monthly payments rather than paying it all upfront.
Protected no claims discount This allows a specified number of claims under your policy without your no claims bonus being reduced. Levels and rules vary by insurer, so you need to read your policy carefully.
Telematics insurance A type of insurance that uses a telematics device to monitor driving behaviour. The data can be used to give you an insurance quote based on how safely you drive.
UN Sustainable Development Goals A call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.
Uninsured loss recovery Insurance for recovering losses from an accident where someone else is responsible in the UK.